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is 7am really my artsy time


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yellow’s art corner turned 3 today!

apparently this is a thing


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Official AutoSave Announcement Post! (download here)

AutoSave is an application for Windows Desktop (Vista or higher, no Linux, no Mac OS) that adds an auto-save feature to every art program in existence. SAI, Photoshop, Flash, Notepad, you name it.

How, you ask? By the most primitive way possible: Every five minutes, it simulates a press on Ctrl+S. That’s it.

Now, you wonder, how do you make sure that AutoSave doesn’t press Ctrl+S while you’re procrastinating browsing for references in your browser? Well, that’s why AutoSave will ask you to enter a part of your art program’s window title.

(For GIMP, that would be “GIMP”; for SAI, it could be “SAI -“; for Photoshop, it should be “.psd”, because Adobe.)

AutoSave then checks the title of the current window against what you entered earlier – if they don’t match, AutoSave just keeps waiting.

I have now reached a point where AutoSave is pretty stable, where I’m happy with its content, and where it’s saved a friend twice already from sudden data loss due to app crash. Time to show it to the world.

AutoSave is free. As in no money, everyone can look at the source code, copy it, change it, whatever. (GNU GPLv3 for those who bother.) You can download it directly from its Github page.

There is no installer. Everything AutoSave saves on your disk can be deleted from within the app. Just download the exe file and run it. For more information, there’s also an FAQ.

get it it is a good program from a good friend

definitely need this


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Bear with me, I know that’s an odd statement.
A lot of people give or get flak because their OC is non-canon or because it has a certain trait (alicorn, rainbow mane, related to a main character, etc) that certain fans think should only be applied to canon ponies. People can be malicious and outright hateful towards folks who have such OCs, insulting not only their character but sometimes the creator of the OC themself.


First off, absolutely NO OC, save the one from the Rainbow Falls episode (which was extenuating circumstances), will EVER be canon. It doesn’t matter if it is beloved by all fans or drawn in super accurate show style or written immaculately, OCs are not going to ever be in the show as it currently exists. So the whole “your OC does not fit the show canon” is a moot point. If a person makes an OC that marries Twilight or is actually sisters with Rainbow Dash, who are they hurting? Absolutely no one. If you are that offended by OCs being in relationships with canon characters, for the love of all things pony, don’t follow the blog/look at the art!
An OC exists for one reason, in my opinion, and that is to bring an outlet for emotions about a work to a person. Basically, the show makes you happy, so you make something to further explore it. Many people put a lot of effort into their OC’s design or story, and each is as unique as the person who made them, and brings them happiness in their own way. Whether you are using it to express how you would act in the show (self-insert), expressing admiration for the art or writing by trying to emulate it (“canon” OCs), advocating a ship (ship foals, my own personal weakness), or even expressing some fetish (NSFW, which I don’t like so, instead of trying to hunt people down and torment them, I just don’t look at it!), your OC exists to please YOU, not the fandom, not the show creators, no one. If anyone else loves your character, that is a happy side effect.

Do I think this confession will dissuade the bullies parading as “I was just trying to offer some criticism”? Not really. Bullies are not really interested in logic or kindness. But if people out there really want to help, emulate the applaudable folks at MLP-Constructive-Critiques, and let people ask you first for advice, and don’t sink to petty name calling or excessive negativity just because an OC doesn’t match what YOU think an OC should be. And if you find yourself wanting to make a rainbow-maned alicorn Kirin with a black coat and mechanical wings who is in love with Pinkie Pie, then don’t let ANYBODY tell you that you can’t, because that OC doesn’t need to please anybody but you!

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thank you


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lets not lie sakurai is probably a huge jojo fan, just like everyone else making video games in japan. even the guys who produced the 2012 anime were fans of the manga as kids

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redoing old things..


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Also, my friend wanted me to draw a pokeman, so I drew a pokeman. I don’t really know them all too well, so this is probably super inaccurate, but hey I tried!

This might look suspiciously similar to another picture I may have possibly drawn of a pony in heat. I implore you to disregard that fact. (I didn’t even realize until I was pretty much done with the sketch)


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