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This blog is NSFW. feel free to ask me anything or add me on skype

I'm just a person who draws and posts other things once in a while

Send an ask if you want a request of an oc or something, just keep it simple please

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If you're serious about requests, I think that my OC would be a nice challenge, but not too difficult, for you do to. He's that cute changeling in the corner over there - think you can make him?


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I'm new to your blog but I think it's awesome and love your style ^^



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full - (D)


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Thoughts on that new smash bros 4 roster leak floating around?


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Are you a real life potato?


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"Now I need to keep him away from the eye-liner"

((Question 66))


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rawr rawr



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Commissions Open!


Remember, since this is short of an emergency drive it would be preferable if you can pay withing this weekend or next week.

Now. to order a commish just send me a mail with all the details, number of characters, type, references and what not to:

and once again here’s prices:

(via naughtyklodette)


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vent art


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